kiwi snack

@kimsmithmiller #ladyfalcore

@ghalone @kimsmithmiller #ladyfalcore

Creepy painting of @kimsmithmiller #ladyfalcore and felix the long cat

Weird couch dog

Banana Monster

#ladyfalcore joined everyone for a big ass watergun fight in the park this afternoon. Don’t shoot! Alan’s got a hostage! (at Laurelhurst Park)

Hanging out in the backyard

#ladyfalcore looks terrible; my work here is done

#ladyfalcore it is too hot for all that fur right now little friend

I can’t stop watching this video pf #ladyfalcore chomping at a fly

poor little lady waiting for the noises to stop at least i made it home before they really started to go off 😭

Babu and Lady


Young man I have been up all night worried sick about you