Creepy painting of @kimsmithmiller #ladyfalcore and felix the long cat

Weird couch dog

Banana Monster

#ladyfalcore joined everyone for a big ass watergun fight in the park this afternoon. Don’t shoot! Alan’s got a hostage! (at Laurelhurst Park)

Hanging out in the backyard

#ladyfalcore looks terrible; my work here is done

#ladyfalcore it is too hot for all that fur right now little friend

I can’t stop watching this video pf #ladyfalcore chomping at a fly

poor little lady waiting for the noises to stop at least i made it home before they really started to go off 😭

Babu and Lady


Young man I have been up all night worried sick about you


Lady cam downhill through Mt Tabor brush today was much fun

Lady come back! Where’d you go friend!?

Cooling in some dripping water during a recent hike

31 one second clips taken over the last month and a half or so and spliced together. Sorry, kept forgetting to hold my phone sideways so the image format or whatever goes back and forth a little. Oh well!